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Halloween Magic Show

Halloween Magic ShowNon-scary Halloween Magic Show!

Finding a Halloween Magic Show that is “just right” for children and families is hard! You want your Halloween party to be unique, fun, safe and memorable.  It has to be non-scary and safe for the younger children and yet entertaining and fun for the older children.

“Can we book you for next Halloween?  Charlie was the highlight of the party!” – Amie Koporc

Halloween Magic Show

A fun, non-scary Halloween Magic Show!

My Halloween Magic Show blends incredible magic, age-appropriate comedy, tons of audience helpers, goofy
costumes, silly hats, a magical puppet routine, and music into a unique, one-of-a-kind, Halloween Magic Show for kids and families.  This show is more goofy than spooky!

All of the routines, magic tricks and props have a Halloween theme, included are Pumpkins, Spiders, Ghosts, Dracula, Wizards, Witches, Frankenstein, and Haunted Houses.

“A great show for kids of all ages.  It really holds their attention and even has the parents laughing!” – Ft. Mitchell Country Club

Need a Halloween Safety program?  I can include safety messages into the show if you would prefer.  Halloween safety messages include staying together with parents and friends, carrying a flashlight, checking candy and food before eating it and more.

WOW moments in the show:Halloween Magic Show

Harvey, my live rabbit, magically appears at the end of the show. Everyone gets to pet Harvey after the show.

Dead Fred tries, unsuccessfully, to scare the audience. In the end, he loses his head and floats around!

Chuckles are plentiful when the Green Slime poured over a helper’s head magically disappears. More laughs follow when the assistant ends up magically drinking some Green Slime through the top of his head!

The children’s jaws drop in wonder and excitement as a silly drawing of a witch comes to life!

Laugh hysterically as a witch’s bottled brew magically multiplies over and over again.

Pandemonium ensues as the mad scientist attempts to clean an audience helper’s sneaker with tragic results – until the audience restores the shoe in a very magical way.

“Charlie Cadabra is great for all ages! Preschoolers to grade school children love the show! Our adults enjoy it also! We have Charlie every summer for our campers and love the Halloween show we added to our activities this year!”– Five Seasons Family Sports Club

Halloween Magic Show

Halloween Magic ShowEasy to Book with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • The audience eagerly becomes part of the show, and no one is embarrassed.
  • Clean, tasteful comedy shows for all ages. Laughter fills the room, and the praise goes to you for a job well done!
  • There is no work for you to do and nothing for you to worry about for the show. You just provide the place and audience.
  • The Halloween Magic Shows works for both large or small groups.

Halloween Magic Show

Entertainer Comparison Guide

You only celebrate Halloween with an event once a year.  To ensure you get the best magic show, use the Entertainer Comparison Worksheet.  And, these 12 questions can guide you in selecting an entertainer who will fit your needs.