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What makes Charlie Cadabra unique?

Age-appropriate, fun magic shows for children and families

Fun Magic Shows

My name is Charlie Cadabra, and I perform fun magic shows for children and families. I have the privilege of bringing fun and laughter to children as a children’s entertainer all over the Cincinnati area!

Also, I provide children’s entertainment in the Greater Cincinnati Area, including Mason, West Chester, Hamilton, Middletown, Harrison, Florence, Northern Kentucky and more.
I was thrilled to get a magic kit for my 10th birthday. As a teenager, I performed mostly for family and friends. It helped me to learn how to perform fun magic shows that entertain and not just do “tricks” in a vain attempt to fool the audience. After getting a B.A. in Psychology and a stint in the Navy, I became a professional family children’s entertainer.

Fun Magic Shows

Fun Magic Shows for Children and Families

Most of all, I love performing and entertaining children of all ages! Many magicians cannot control an audiences of children. Why? They treat the children as if they are miniature adults. But children want fun magic shows that are age-appropriate! So while grown-ups will sit through a bad show to not offend the performer, children will not.

“I thought you did a very nice job. As a parent who has hired you twice, the thing that stands out is that you’re very professional and kind. You really seem to enjoy what you do. Your show is constantly moving to keep the children’s interest/attention. I love that you include every guest and include them into your various tricks. Music, sound effects, and microphone are all positive additions. Thank you Very, Very much!”– Jenny Rohlfer

Fun Magic Shows

Fun Magic Shows must be age-appropriate

Too many magicians use material that is not age-appropriate, doesn’t engage the children, and has an “I fooled you” attitude. Hence, these end up not being fun magic shows for children.
I am a grandfather with seven (7) grandchildren, ages 1 – 11, and they great for trying out new material! My grandchildren are quick to tell me, “that’s boriiiiiiing”,“do something else” or “do that again!” As a result, only the tricks with a “do that again” approval rating ever make it into my fun magic shows for children!

“Great with children. Tricks were adorable and funny. I enjoyed it as an adult as much as the children did!” Meghan Reimels

Fun Magic Shows

I understand what makes fun magic shows for children

I understand how children think. How? Because, I have performing thousands of magic shows for children and my own flock of grandchildren. Plus, I have a degree in Psychology. I know what makes children laugh, what keeps them engaged and involved. So, I know how to entertain them throughout the show.

“As one parent put it ‘I never knew kids could laugh and squeal so loudly!’”– Susan Afanuh

Most importantly, I also know what to avoid and what NOT to include in my shows. Based on experience, I have provided a list on the FAQ page. (Click here to see the FAQ list.)

Fun Magic Shows

Fun Magic Shows for a variety of groups

Charlie Cadabra’s Fun Magic Shows have received the Best Party Entertainer award from Cincinnati Family Magazine for the last 10 years.

As well as, awarded Best Children’s Entertainer by Cincinnati Parents Magazine for 9 years in a row.

Hence, here are actual client reviews and feedback received from fun magic show clients.

Your child is the star in Charlie’s Birthday Magic Show! They help to magically produce Harvey, a live rabbit. And everyone gets to pet Harvey after the show.

Also, age-appropriate and fun Child Care Center Magic Shows with tons of audience participation.

And, Charlie creates a new fun magic show every year for Summer Camps.

Here are FAQs about Children’s Birthday Party Magicians to help you select the best entertainer for your event.

Reading based programs for Library Magic Shows that engages the audience through books.

Non-scary Halloween Magic Shows are great for daycares, family events, block parties and church events.

Finally, I also perform Christmas Magic Shows with themed routines that celebrate the holidays.

Here are must have Party tips that you might have missed! Print your copy of the FREE Charlie Cadabra Birthday Party Checklist and ensure you have it handy before your party date.

Entertainer Comparison Questions

You probably only book fun magic shows once a year. To ensure you get the best possible entertainer, use this FREE Entertainer Comparison Worksheet. So, these 12 questions can guide you in selecting a fun magic show that will meet your needs.