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Magic Show FAQs

What more do I need to know?

Helpful Birthday Magic Show FAQs

  • Birthday magic shows are 40-45 minutes long.
  • I bring in a large show with a sound system and live rabbit.
  • A deposit or advance payment is not required for local shows.
  • You just pay me at the end of the show. I accept cash, checks and credit cards.
  • I provide everything needed for the show, including tables and a sound system.
  • There are no special staging or other concerns.
  • All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show with your group!
  • Each show is age-range specific depending on the ages of the audience.

Magic Show FAQs

What’s INCLUDED in your Birthday Magic Shows?

  • The birthday child helps with several magic tricks at the start of the show, dressed up in a magician’s cape and funny top hat.
  • Harvey, the Magic Rabbit, appears! The birthday child help produce a live rabbit at the end of the show. And, Harvey stays around after the show for everyone to pet.
  • A hilarious, magical storytelling routine.
  • Also, about 10-12 other helpers mean that everyone is engaged throughout the show.
  • Age-appropriate comedy and magic designed for the audience’s primary age group.
  • Birthday Magic Shows are different based on the age range of the audience.
  • Incredible magical feats! Magic that has everyone asking: How did he do that?
  • And, A funny puppet routine for younger audiences.
  • Children love to dress up. So, goofy costumes and funny hats.

Magic Show FAQs

What about birthday magic shows for kids during the week?Magic Show FAQs

Weekday parties don’t compete with all of the other weekend activities for families and children. They typically get a good turnout because the children can attend right after school or maybe in the school or childcare center. It also allows your family to have a smaller family celebration on the weekend.

All magicians doing birthday magic shows are the same, right?

Shouldn’t I just hire the cheapest one?

There is a vast difference between “price” and “value”.

“Price” = Anyone can spend a few hundred dollars at the magic store and call themselves a magician. They will be a cheaper option, but what are you getting for your money? The final cost ends up being the disappointment of your child and their party guests when the magician fails to entertain them.

“Value” = Hiring a full-time, trained professional ensures the performer can entertain the guests and make lifetime memories for everyone involved. You may pay a little more, but the value you receive is exponentially higher than a low-priced magician.

WikiHow posted an article on How to Avoid Hiring a Bad Magician for Birthday Magic Shows. Click here to see that post.

Magic Show FAQs

More Magic Show FAQs
– Why should I hire you for birthday magic shows?

My Birthday Magic Shows are a unique blend of original and amazing magic routines, funny hats, goofy costumes. Also, silly fun, audience participation throughout, age-appropriate routines, and a hilarious storytelling magic trick. Plus, a live rabbit production at the end of the show! So everyone gets to pet the rabbit after the show. Finally, your birthday child is the star of the show!

My shows are 100% guaranteed. There is absolutely zero risks to you. I have received hundreds of positive feedback forms from satisfied customers. Please refer to my Applause page for a tiny sampling of the comments I have received.

Ever call a performer on the weekend when they should be busy doing shows, and they are available to talk, email or text you? If they are actually busy with shows, then they aren’t sitting around on a weekend afternoon taking phone calls.

Magic Show FAQs

Do you only perform Birthday Party Magic Shows?

No! I have different magic shows for Childcare Centers (Daycare Centers, Early Learning Centers, Preschools, Kindergartens), After School Programs, Summer Camps, Halloween Events, Christmas Events, School and Library Book Based Programs, Scouting Events and more.

Magic Show FAQs

What’s INCLUDED in my Magic Shows for Children?

  • Harvey, a Live Rabbit, appears! Harvey stays around after the show for everyone to pet.
  • Lots of audience helpers keep everyone engaged throughout the show.
  • Age-appropriate comedy and magic routines customized for the audience’s primary age group.
  • Different shows for different age-ranges.
  • Astonishing magical feats! Magic that has everyone asking: How did he do that?
  • A hilarious puppet routine for younger audiences. Fluffy the Bunny or Sherlock Bones do their own trick (or perform a magic trick).
  • Goofy costumes and funny hats. Children love to dress up!
  • Music enhances the magic routines and helps create a theatrical experience.
  • A hilarious storytelling routine using a magic trick.

What’s NOT in my Magic Shows for Children?

Magic Show FAQs

  • No playing card tricks in the children’s magic show
  • No “scare” techniques or “danger” tricks” are included
  • Snakes, rats or scary animals are not used
  • No sharp objects, like swords or knives
  • No fire or flames, ever!
  • Toy weapons are not in the birthday magic shows
  • No chemicals
  • No loud music booming

Magic Show FAQs

Magic Show FAQs – What Types of Magic Shows Are Available?

Cincinnati Magician and children’s entertainer Charlie Cadabra’s magic shows are available throughout the Cincinnati metropolitan area, including Northern Kentucky. Please contact me for Magic Show FAQs for any of these types of shows?

Magic Show FAQs

Magic Show FAQs – What Types of Groups?

As part of my magic show FAQs, here are actual client reviews and feedback received from magic show clients.
So, get information about Charlie Cadabra’s Fun Magic Shows.
Charlie Cadabra’s Magic Shows received the Best Party Entertainer award from Cincinnati Family Magazine.
And, awarded Best Children’s Entertainer by Cincinnati Parents Magazine for 9 years in a row.
Your child is the star in Charlie’s Birthday Magic Show! They help to magically produce Harvey, a live rabbit that everyone gets to pet after the show.
Age-appropriate and fun Child Care Center Magic Shows has tons of audience participation.
As well as, a new magic show every year for Summer Camps.
Also, book based programs for Library Magic Shows that engages the audience through books.
Plus, non-scary Halloween Magic Shows are great for daycare centers, family events, block parties and church events.
Finally, Christmas Magic Shows include themed routines celebrating the holidays.

FREE Birthday Party Planning Guides – Magic Show FAQs

As part of my magic show FAQs, here are a couple of FREE birthday party Planning Guides.

In conclusion, get my online Party Planning Blueprint includes everything you need to know on run a Stress-Free birthday party! I’ve been to thousands of birthday parties over the years. So, I’ve seen first-hand what works and what fails. As a result, I put together Charlie Cadabra’s Birthday Party Planner to help you have a great party!
You may have questions like:

  • How long should the party last?
  • What is the best location for the party?
  • What is the best way to organize the party?
  • How can I make the party stress-free for me?

You only celebrate birthday parties once a year. To ensure you get the best possible entertainer, use the Entertainer Comparison Worksheet. So, these 12 questions can guide you in selecting a fun magic show that fits your needs.