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Magic Show Applause!

Birthday Magic Show Applause!

Magic Show ApplauseSome Birthday Magic Show Applause Received:

“You had complete control over the whole party.  The children were mesmerized by your show.  It was a very interactive show.  You involved many of the children.  The only thing I had to provide was the cake!  You did a fantastic job.” – Sue Glynn

“It’s not like you need anymore raving comments on your site, but the kids were absolutely thrilled before, during, and especially after the show!  Trevor says it was the best party he’s ever had…or been to!  Thanks so much!” – Pam Owens

“The kids and adults as well had a blast!  We were all amazed and amused!!  My son felt like he was the STAR of his party.  It was well worth the money.” – Amy Percival

More Birthday Magic Show Applause Received:

“The children were totally immersed for 45 minutes!  It was one of the easiest parties I’ve had.  All I did was send out the invitations and provide the cake and ice cream.  I didn’t have to keep track of kids, tokens and pizza!” – Sabrina Hall

“I highly recommend having Charlie Cadabra perform at your next Birthday party or party Celebration. Charlie interacted with the kids, who made them feel part of the show, and kept them entertained the entire time. Not only were the kids entertained but so were the adults. Truly a fun Experience!  Many parents commented on how much they enjoyed the show. One of my daughter’s friends who attended the birthday party summed it up by saying “this was the most awesome birthday party ever!”  Thank you so much for making my daughters 5th Birthday so memorable.” – Cindy Maki

“Charlie did an AWESOME job with Miranda’s show.  Top Notch.  She will never forget it, and her friends are still talking about it!  Thanks much for creating a very memorable day for my little princess.” – Glenn Algie

More Birthday Magic Show Applause Received:

“The whole experience was superb from start to finish.  Excellent communication and top-notch professionalism from my initial contact right up to the day of the show.  We had children from 2-9 years old, and every one of them was captivated the entire 45-minutes of the show!” – Jess Williams

“Just wanted to send a brief email to thank you for your professionalism, skill and exhaustive efforts yesterday at Olivia’s birthday party.  We’ve had exclusively positive comments; my favorite was the little girl who said that “this is the best birthday party that I’ve been to that’s not my own!”  Honest praise indeed! We will recommend you without hesitation to anyone who will listen. Well done Charlie Cadabra!” – Jeff Demaree

More Birthday Magic Show Applause Received:

“The children did not take their eyes off of Charlie.  He totally pulled them in and made them feel his magic wasn’t possible without them.  The party was crazy until Charlie came.  He magically brought order to the chaos!!  The show made the parents glad they were invited too!  A lot of times birthdays are things we have to do.  This one was one we wanted to do.  The magic show joined the entire group of parts gets together – not just the children.  All the children that attended my daughter’s birthday party have requested that Charlie comes to their parties as well.  Best birthday party we have had or attended!” – Shelley Johnson

“It really was the best birthday party ever.  All ten first grade girls were smiling, laughing and completely mesmerized for the entire show.  The shy girls participated eagerly and came out of their shells to act as magician assistants.  The girls who sometimes struggle to sit still and stay focused were engaged for the whole show.  The adults saw tricks that we had never seen before.  Charlie Cadabra is in a class of his own.  He’s not just serving up a canned magic show like you can find someone else to do.  His show is dynamic, interactive, and memorable.  Thank you!” – Elena Stein

Your child is the star in Charlie’s Birthday Magic Show! They help to magically produce Harvey, a live rabbit. And, everyone gets to pet Harvey after the show.

Childcare Centers, Daycares, Early Learning Centers, Summer Camps

Magic Show ApplauseSome Center Magic Show Applause Received:

“Your shows are always entertaining for children and adults of all ages. No two shows are alike which allow for successful return visits. We would highly recommend you!” – Samantha Feyka

“Charlie provides a wonderful show for the money.  The children have the best time possible.” – Nancy Burwinkel

“Uses lots of props, music was a nice touch.  Liked when you included the children in your act.  Children loved the silly stuff.”- Marcy Stinson

“How much fun the children had during the program.  Children enjoyed being part of the show.  They are still talking about it days after.  Such an awesome and entertaining program.” –  Bonnie Baldwin

“Great, high-energy show! Our students had a ton of fun! You kept us all, students and teachers alike, laughing throughout the performance!” – Sue Glanton

More Center Magic Show Applause Received:

“Everyone is looking for inexpensive, great programs, this is a great experience for the children that our program can afford.” – DeLanna Oeder

“Thank you, Charlie Cadabra for making the children laugh! Even the “hardest to please” older campers got a kick out of the show. This is why we book you every year!” – Amy Kayea

“The magic tricks are perfect for each age group – not over their heads, but we also love the little jokes that only the teachers understand.” – Jen Fowler

“Related well to students and had tricks that were age appropriate. You held their attention and had a great show! Thanks!” – Melissa Sparks

“The show was great, and the children loved it. He kept their attention the whole tome. Lots of laughter!” – Kristen Siciliano

Charlie creates a new fun magic show every year for Childcare Centers / Daycares / Preschools / Summer Camps.

Library Book Based Programs – Magic Show Applause

Magic Show Applause

Some Library Magic Show Applause Received:

“I would tell them that you implemented Reading into a fantastic Magic Show.  You involved many students and at the end everyone had an opportunity to pet the rabbit, the kids loved it!” – Emily Tilton

“Great for primary kids, not too expensive, promoted reading. Thanks!” – Terry Miller

“Charlie Cadabra was the best magician we have ever had at Taylor Elementary! He truly engaged our students, and we can’t wait to have him come back again!” – Brooke Becker

“Charlie Cadabra was able to keep our students entertained while incorporating literacy into his show! Thanks, Charlie, for providing our school with a night of family fun!” – Melody Simms

More Library Magic Show Applause Received:

“Charlie Cadabra is a professional with adults – pleasant, flexible and dependable to deliver what was contracted for the students.  As a performer, truly engaging to the students, inclusive of everyone in the audience and mesmerizing to his young observers – instilling in them a curiosity about magic and love of reading and learning as well!  Bravo, Charlie!” – Kelly Octhaus

“The kids love the show, and it’s educational!” – Teresa Baudendisti

“Reasonably priced, highly interactive, lots going on – no slow parts, some new tricks I haven’t seen yet – none of the old stale tricks that show up in lots of magic shows. You were prompt, organized and professional. Thank you. Thanks!” – Joan Johnsen

“I really liked how Charlie brought together the magic fun with reading and our superhero theme.  When Charlie performed at the library, it was nice when the library services were mentioned as part of his show.” – Elaine Demoret

More Library Magic Show Applause Received:

“I liked the way you were able to use a reading theme in your presentation. I liked the way you have involvement from the audience. You were prompt, organized and professional. Thank you.” – Carol Sauer

“We appreciated the references to books in his World Cultures program, i.e. different countries, cultures, subjects” – Melinda McClure

“Charlie was wonderful to work with.  He was very professional and put on a great show.  Our patrons loved it. It was standing room only.” – Laura Stanfeld

Book based programs for Library Magic Shows that engages the audience through books. And promotes on reading every day.

Scouting / Team Awards Magic Show Applause

Magic Show ApplauseSome Scouting / Team Magic Show Applause Received:

“I hosted an end of season soccer party for my 6, 7, and 8-year-old boys and their families. In all, we had around 45 people. Charlie called the day before to confirm the engagement. As promised, he showed up about 15 minutes before the show time. Charlie was funny, entertaining and drew in the audience! Everyone had an excellent time, and I will definitely have Charlie back!!” – David Terry

“Thank you for an exhilarating performance. Several parents gave the thumbs up on booking you afterward because you kept over 100 Cub Scouts and siblings in constant laughter along with several adults as well! Great job and again thank you for working your magic into our Pack meeting so perfectly.” – John Ball

“I have never seen that many Cub Scouts sit still for almost an hour.” – Carol Cliffe

More Scouting / Team Magic Show Applause Received:

“You are a fantastic magician and an even more fantastic person.  Thanks for a fascinating show and a delightful performance!”  – Mona Harrison, Great Rivers Girl Scout Council

“The program was great!  Very family friendly with some humor for all ages.  All of the boys liked it, even the older ones.” – Jennifer Messerschmidt-Warther

“The children in the audience were engaged and attentive the entire show.  Charlie does a great job tailoring the interactions to the ages of the audience.  Having the hands on opportunity with Harvey at the end of the show was ‘icing on the cake!’  Thank you!!” – Frances Carroll, Cub Scout Pack

“Many said it was their favorite thing about Girl Scout Camp.  Wonderful and interactive!  Engaging show – very kid-friendly.” – Nicole Brook, Girl Scouts Summer Camp

More Scouting / Team Magic Show Applause Received:

“Several scouts told me they loved your show.  Parents said their kids loved it too.  We highly recommend your show because the kids loved the magic presentation and the funny jokes.  The show was great.”  – Adele Grout, Cub Scout Troup

“Charlie kept the kid’s attention the whole time – very impressive since we had about 50 kids between the ages of 6-12.” – Steve Doerger, Cub Scouts

“Charlie put on an excellent show for our Pack.  The boys were really engaged throughout the entire show.  I enjoyed the scout-specific tie-ins during the show.  The parents loved it too!” – Mike Yaggi, Cub Scouts

Information about Fun Magic Shows for children and families.

Halloween Magic Show Applause

Magic Show Applause

Some Halloween Magic Show Applause Received:

“We have had Charlie Cadabra do magic shows at school, for birthday parties and Halloween parties.  Every show is unique and entertaining for kids and adults.  We love Charlie Cadabra’s show and will hire him many more times as our children continue to grow!  The magic word is Charlie Cadabra for sure!” – Taunja Kruckeberg

“Kids enjoyed the show.  There was lots of laughter and “Screaming” due to “Scary” Halloween tricks.  Stress-free because Charlie did the setup and clean up!” – Michelle Seiter

“Charlie Cadabra included almost all of the children.  He kept their interest with a creative Halloween program.” – Kathy Godar

More Halloween Magic Show Applause Received:

“The Halloween Magic Show was fun!  The children really enjoyed themselves.  He came early to setup and didn’t mind staying around to let the kids ask questions and pet the bunny.  Charlie was very professional and patient.  I will definitely hire Charlie Cadabra again.” – DesreeDriever

“The magic show surpassed my expectations.  Everyone, including the adults, had a wonderful time.  I had lots of compliments.” – Renae Newkirk

“Charlie Cadabra definitely has a family friendly show.  He is professional, punctual, and has a wonderful personality.  You can’t go wrong by having him entertain at your Halloween event.” – Patrice Barnes

More Halloween Magic Show Applause Received:

“Charlie Cadabra IS Cincinnati’s Finest FAMILY Magician.  He entertained everyone from toddler to senior.  He kept the audience’s attention and included many children in the act.  Everyone I spoke with raved about the show.  You won’t be disappointed.” – Renee Bill

“Our program this year was the most successful ever.  You and your magic show were the highlight of our Halloween event.” – Casey Wilhelm

“You were amazing!  Thank you for making both of us look good.” – Robbin Madden

“You were great, and you helped them laugh. You were wonderful, A Breath of FRESH AIR!” – Reggie Murray

Non-scary Halloween Magic Shows are great for daycares, family events, block parties and church events.

Christmas Magic Show Applause

Magic Show Applause

Some Christmas Magic Show Applause Received:

“The audience loved it! Well worth every penny! Very interactive!” – Lindsey Hemberger

“Charlie Cadabra was a fabulous addition to our family holiday party.  He was so great with all ages of children and really kept things moving.  Communication before the event was smooth and efficient, and Charlie arrived promptly.  He gave more than expected.  The show was extremely enjoyable, and everyone in the crowd wore smiles the entire time.” – Carol Stuewing

”Hiring Charlie Cadabra was the best decision we made.  It made the whole party planning experience so simple!  Knowing that entertainment was taken care of put everything at ease.  The children loved the entire act and talked about it for weeks.” – Eva Davis

More Christmas Magic Show Applause Received:

“You made us all leave laughing.  It was entirely different and entirely full of fun.  Everyone had a great time, and we are still talking about your great act.  You should hire him now!!!” – Bob Lorenz

“Organized.  Efficient.  Friendly.  Fair Deal.  Coordinated.  Very entertaining, non-stop.” – Jennifer Britton

“Well worth the money.  The show was very age appropriate, and the adults enjoyed the show as much as the children.  Long lasting memories were built for all.” – Jodi Kastner

“This was a Thanksgiving celebration at our church hall.  We had around 75 people there, and Charlie was great.  Both the adults and children were entertained.  Never a dull moment.  I’m looking forward to seeing you at our next get together.” – Carolyn Gabbard

More Christmas Magic Show Applause Received:

“I think there was more enthusiasm for your presentation than any other program this year.” – Ted Cwiok

“The children and parents alike were delighted with your act.  We have some great snapshots to remember this holiday.” – Gayle & Mike Krummen

“It was wonderful from beginning to end! I didn’t have to worry about any of the setup or tear down and the props, background and entire performance were professional and top- notch! Charlie Cadabra puts on a fantastic show, and audience LOVES him!” – Abigail Woolwine

Christmas Magic Shows with themed routines that celebrate the holidays.

Entertainer Comparison Guide

You probably only coordinate a special event/party once a year.  To ensure you get the best possible entertainer, use the Entertainer Comparison Worksheet.  So, these 12 questions can guide you in selecting a magic show that fits your needs.