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Library Magic Show

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 Library Magic Show – Book Based Programs

Library Magic ShowA Library Magic Show That Bring Books to Life!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate learning and achievement through a book-based Library Magic Show?  Do you need an exciting to promote reading?  Or, perhaps an entertaining rewards program?

Imagine a fast paced, high energy program to reinforce the importance of picking up a book and reading EVERY DAY.  If so, picture a presentation using astonishing magic tricks, age-appropriate comedy,  Books references support the themes throughout the show.  Plus, tons of audience participation, goofy costumes, funny hats, and ends with the magical production of Harvey, my live rabbit,  After the show, everyone gets to pet Harvey!

“Great show, not too expensive, promoted reading.  Charlie connected reading to the content of the show —thanks!”  – Terry Miller

Library Magic Show

A Library Magic Show Celebrating Everything Seussical!

Abra-CAT-abra – Cat in the Magic Hat

Library Magic ShowCelebrate Dr. Seuss, his many wonderful books, zany creatures, moral lessons and silly fun. Also, over a dozen of his best-selling books are featured in this Library Magic Show. As a result, Abra-CAT-abra is a fun way to teach good character traits while capturing the audience in the weird and wacky world of Dr. Seuss.

Geared toward grades PK – Third Grade.
This Childrens Magic Show includes some Seussical rhyming routines, with lots of funny costumes and hats. As well as, Dr. Seuss’ many zany, memorable characters. Plus incredible magic and laughter throughout the show!

“The AbraCATabra show was perfect for the Primary grades.” –  Matt Wagner

Library Magic Show

Reading is Magic

This Library Magic Show is a book based program.  So children’s books are used as the basis for all of the routines.  Everything from the classics to current books are included to get children excited about books and to encourage children to read every day.  Because libraries are a very magical place that can take readers anywhere they want to go.

Geared toward grades K-6. The library magic show uses book references for each routine.  So magic tricks demonstrate a variety of books using geography,  history, biographies, heroes, gardening,  and crafts.  And because STEM is important, some safe, science experiments are included.

“Charlie implemented Reading into a fantastic Magic Show.  Plus, you involved many students!  And, at the end everyone had an opportunity to pet the rabbit, the kids loved it! – Emily Tilton

Library Magic Show

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Entertainer Comparison Guide

You only coordinate special events once or twice a year. So, to ensure you get the best possible Childrens Magic Show, use the Entertainer Comparison Worksheet. And, these 12 questions can guide you in selecting aur needs.