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Children’s Magic Show

A New Children’s Magic Show Every Year!

New Tricks Matched to the Appropriate Age Ranges

children's magic show

Your entertainment dollars are limited, you want to have quality in-house field trips for the children. Therefore, you need an experienced magician with a Children’s Magic Show that will be enjoyed by all.

Because so many centers have me back every year, they want a new Magic Show. I create a new Children’s Magic Show every winter for the new year.  New routines, new props, new silly fun, new puppet routine for younger children and more.  But the same live rabbit, Harvey…

“The children talked about Charlie Cadabra for days after the magic show! We are looking forward to next summer with Charlie!” ABC Childcare and Preschool

children's magic show

My Children’s Magic Show include different magic tricks and routines based on the age-range of the children attending. Both Preschool or School Age.  And, audiences with both age-ranges combined.

Most magicians have only one show and do the same show for all ages! But there are vast differences in what a preschool child understands, enjoys and appreciates than school age children.

“Charlie related well to students and had tricks that were age appropriate. He held their attention and had a great show! Thanks!” Small World Children’s Center

children's magic show

Discover the Secret For An In-house Field Trip

The new 2018 Children’s Magic Show includes age-appropriate routines and astonishing magic tricks! As well as a live rabbit, tons of audience participation and helpers, goofy costumes, silly hats, music. And, a fun puppet routine for younger children.

  1. The magic shows are 45-minutes long.
  2. Harvey, my live rabbit, appears, at the end of the show.
  3. Petting the rabbit as the kids exit takes another 10-15 minutes.
  4. I bring everything needed for the show, including tables and a sound system.

“The children were enchanted, and several teachers remarked that you have the enviable skill of being able to interact with a large group of children without letting them get out of control.” – The Goddard School

children's magic show

Children’s Magic Show Celebrates Everything Seussical!

Abra-CAT-abra – Cat in the Magic Hat!

children's magic showCelebrate Dr. Seuss, his many wonderful books, zany creatures, moral lessons and silly fun. Also, over a dozen of his best-selling books are featured in this Children’s Magic Show. As a result, Abra-CAT-abra is a fun way to teach good character traits while capturing the audience in the weird and wacky world of Dr. Seuss.

Abra-CAT-Abra is for ages 3-9
This Children’s Magic Show includes some Seussical rhyming routines, with lots of funny costumes and hats.  As well as, Dr. Seuss’ many zany, memorable characters.  Plus incredible magic and laughter throughout the show!

children's magic show

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Entertainer Comparison Guide

You only coordinate special events once or twice a year. So, to ensure you get the best possible Children’s Magic Show, use the Entertainer Comparison Worksheet. And, these 12 questions can guide you in selecting a magic show that fits your needs.